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Beaches of Okinawa

Okinawa's beautiful beaches
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Coming of Age Day

Coming of Age Day - A rite of passage in Japan and Okinawa.
Return to Blog Main Coming of Age Day There are rites of passage into adulthood in many cultures. Young men and women optimistically look towards their futures, take on new res……

Education Internship

Some photos from our internship
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Former Intern Christina Noel

Blog of one of our former interns
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Living in Japan

Living and working in Japan
Return to Blog Main Here are some good general resources on living in Japan. Of course, this information is also beneficial to those of you interested in coming to study la……

Mike's Ryukyu Gallery

Old and New photos of Okinawa
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Is our language study & internship program expensive?

Are you interested in our program, but think it is too expensive?
Return to Blog Main Hello, This is Rodney Little. I am the web marketing manager for Study & Intern Okinawa. I have studied at several schools in Japan and ……

Our students and interns

Some of our past students and interns
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