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Study & Intern Okinawa - Learn Japanese, intern in Japan and experience the wonders of Okinawa

Studying Japanese and living in Japan is more than just mega cities, j-pop and anime.
hope to introduce the beauty and wonders of Okinawa Japan to all of our readers. Okinawa is an awe inspiring land of vivid culture ri… Okinawa enjoys a unique heritage of distinctive lang

Coming of Age Day

Coming of Age Day - A rite of passage in Japan and Okinawa.
w and freezing temperatures. But not here in Okinawa of the best aspects of Coming of Age Day in Okinawa

What is Special About Okinawa

What makes Okinawa unique
Return to Blog Main Okinawa Facts and Information Okinawa Okinawa has plenty to offer you during your time stu…ight into the daily life and climate here in Okinawa. Event Calendar