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Jan 05, 2015

This is Rodney Little. I am the web marketing manager for Study & Intern Okinawa. I have studied at several schools in Japan and the costs involved in our Study & Intern Okinawa program are very competitive.

Please do not forget that Japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Internships for people who do not speak Japanese are very rare in Japan. So rare that in Okinawa, only one company does it and in all of Japan, there are only a handful of companies. This fact proves that it is not easy to set up an English speaking internship in Japan. In fact, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to do this and as you can imagine nothing is done for free in the business world!

It is a sad fact that many college graduates have trouble finding a good job after college, and the main reason for that is their lack of work experience.

Our Study & Intern Okinawa program is for those who need help building their resume in this globalized job market. The experience one gains as an intern may set them apart from their competitors once it’s time to start that post-grad job hunt. But the experience one gains while studying or interning in a foreign country may not only set them apart – it could land them that dream job.

Studying or interning abroad will not only help build your resume and strengthen your credentials, broaden your network of professional contacts, but also improve your communication & problem-solving skills in a professional setting!

Recruiters/employers are most definitely looking for the above mentioned traits in prospective employee’s. Is this not a good investment for one’s future?

As more and more employers these days are seeking applicants with international work experience, students who have studied & interned abroad bring that experience back and use it as leverage for future internships and/or jobs.

Our Study & Intern Okinawa program opens doors for students that they would never get back at home & has helped countless students get jobs teaching English in Japan and also in the hotel industry.

Our Study & Intern Okinawa program has also helped several people graduate college as they received college credits for taking part in our program (this depends on your school’s requirements).
As for not getting paid for interning, it is illegal to get paid for any work in Japan if you do not have a legal working visa, which FYI is very difficult to get especially for short-term stays.

To all of those who are not sure if Japan is the best place to study & intern:

There is no doubt that Japan is by far the most expensive country in Asia but that is because it has the highest standard of living in Asia and because of that you do not have to worry about the following things that you must worry about in most Asian countries:

  • Air pollution – a major problem in some countries
  • Coups
  • Constant bartering – no fixed pricing!
  • Cultural unrest
  • Food poisoning
  • Internet censorship – cannot access many western sites. Ex. Facebook
  • Lack of safety & security
  • Major Crimes & Violence
  • *Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, mudslides, typhoons, etc.
  • Pickpockets – a major problem in many countries
  • Poverty – it is very common to see beggars & homeless
  • Riots
  • Rogue police
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Unsafe to drink local water
  • Unstable government
  • VERY dirty – low standard of cleanliness. Ex. Neglected Public works
  • Violent demonstrations

*Yes, Okinawa has earthquakes and typhoons BUT the big difference is no deaths are caused by these in Okinawa because the standard of living is much higher. As for the nuclear crisis in Japan, Okinawa does not have any nuclear power plants & is almost 2,000 kilometers (almost 1,250 miles) away from Fukushima.

One of the best things about our program is you do not have to worry about any of the above mentioned because Japan is one of the safest, modern, & beautiful countries in the world - please keep in mind that Okinawa is a group of about 160 tropical/resort islands so Okinawa is VERY different than mainland Japan. Therefore, the cost to study & intern in Okinawa may seem to be a bit more expensive than other programs. Please don't forget that Okinawa has amazing sandy white beaches, crystal clear oceans and a rich and unique culture, because of this Okinawa is considered to be the Hawaii of Japan. With all of the above taken into consideration, as well as the safety and security of Japan, isn’t that worth the extra price?

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